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Adpost Network is proud to present a NATIONAL ‘role-out’ on behalf of and in partnership with The Post Office Limited.This will allow us to deliver and manage a new ON COUNTER screen media channel which will bring new and exciting opportunities to the Post Office along with its Partners and carefully selected 3rd Party Advertisers. 


The Post Office with its national network of counter platforms continues to comprehensively provide and expand their product and service portfolio, delivering service right at the centre of all our UK communities and so perfectly suited to include a National  Broadcast Channel.


Opportunities are now available for Advertisers to feature …


 Product and service promotional offers

 Point-of-Sale promotions, 

 QR code direction,

 Time sensitive messaging,

 Brand building and Product Awareness.


A Four minute broadcast performance is the rotation target so other than Post Office broadcasts no more than six parties per branch will be included in any broadcasting programme.This will deliver exclusivity that will attract and maintain focus from visitors and customers and importantly meet our promise to rotate the broadcast programme well within the average published queue time.



The Post Office are able to reassuringly publish statistics from independent research that indicates a staggering 92% of the UK adult population will visit a UK Post office at least once over a 12 month period and many of course repeatedly visit throughout this period.


 Not only does the Post Office attract visitation at scale but importantly its visitors form a 'captive audience' whilst queuing for service. With an average queuing dwell time of 4 to 8 minutes (increasing over busier seasons) this delivers perfect audience conditions to broadcast information from where the queue must look to be served. 


This service is now being rolled out in phases with the initial phase now in progress which includes 1000 offices giving a National Coverage including England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland.

Made up of 114 direct owned and managed Post Office branches and the remainder spread across high footfall and geographically relevant areas.

Digital Signage Solutions

70% of UK adults have seen a Digital Media Display in the past month.

Digital signage solutions allow you to send information and promotions to your targeted customers in real time, keeping them up to date with clear, consistent and timely messages and promotions. thkehflshflkshflksdhflksdhflkshflksdhflkdshsdlkfhsdlfhsdlkfhlklsdhflskdf

Service Attracts Attention

A dynamic Full HD moving image or movie advert on a modern Digital Tablet Display is much more eye catching than traditional posters actively grabbing your customers’ attention.This gives you the opportunity to influence their buying decisions.

 84% of UK retailers regard Digital Media Advertising as an opportunity to significantly raise brand awareness and actively encourage a buying response.

Increases Sales

Digital signage has a proven and very powerful influence on buying decisions. Customers don’t just glance, they engage, and remember what they see. Digital Media can drive impulse buys and they motivate customers to action. 19% of consumers claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products they’ve seen advertised digitally.

Reduces Costs

Digital Media Advertising costs significantly less than traditional television or newspaper advertisements. By eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs every time you change your campaign, you substantially save on printing/distributing costs and processing time.This also makes your campaign much more ecological friendly and reduces your Carbon Footprint.

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